Supply Chain Excellence

Supply Chain Excellence

For us, Supply Chain Excellence represents the essential element to move from logistics strategy through planning to a high-performance operation in serial processes. Achieving supply chain excellence requires a holistic view of organization, process and IT. The consistent further development of supply chains towards flexibility, sustainability, and autonomy requires a reassessment of the existing configuration in many places. New technologies must be identified and implemented quickly. The prerequisite for this is an evaluation of these innovations in terms of their added value, so that companies do not chase every trend. In addition, a holistic target picture of the modern supply chain must be developed in order to apply innovations in the right places. For a targeted approach from strategy to series production, we therefore offer our holistic support in the following areas:



Drawing on our expertise and unique maturity model, we create a tailored roadmap to address your specific logistics challenges, such as resource shortages or increased costs. Collaboratively, we’ll build a logistics strategy and transformation plan, clearly defining your vision, focus areas, and necessary actions.

our strategy services

  • Logistics strategy (vision, fields of action, roadmap)
  • Roadmapping maturity model (evaluation, assessment, determination of measures)
  • Innovation scouting, selection support
  • Structure of process maps
  • Process Mining incl. Decision-making process
  • Variant Management
  • Change Management


Regardless of your current sustainability status, a robust strategy is essential. We help prepare sustainability reports (CSRD), execute projects that positively impact sustainability, and establish a comprehensive management system for reporting and certification. Emphasizing employee qualification, we ensure success in meeting your sustainability objectives.

our sustainability services

  • Development & integration Sustainability strategy
  • Carrying out materiality analysis
  • Accompanying Reporting (CSRD)
  • Develop competitive advantages
  • Promote circular economy (waste concepts, recycling)
  • Calculation CO² footprint
  • Sustainable Readiness Check
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Unlock your full potential as we help enhance operational excellence in your processes using data-driven analysis, proven methods, and best practices. We assess your performance and not only provide guidance but also expertly implement efficiency measures spanning organization, process, and IT.

our performance services

  • Carrying out value assessment to determine efficiencies
  • Logistics planning (material flow planning, layout planning)
  • Space optimization, warehouse dimensioning, structural planning
  • Supply strategies (ABC analysis, JIT, JIS)
  • In & Out Sourcing
  • Process Mining (Logistics Data Management)

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