AutoStore – the extremely clever storage solution

AutoStore is an intelligent storage solution with focus on medium and small parts. Through its specific construction, where system containers are stored in blocks and maneuvered by robots along a ‘grid’, AutoStore maximizes your existing storage space In this process, the containers are stacked on top of each other in columns and can hold multiple items per container.

Automated processes improve both storage and retrieval times, minimize errors, and reduce the need for resources in the warehouse during times of skilled labor shortages. To maximize system performance, AutoStore prepares all relevant retrieval jobs before they are needed. In addition, strategic stock transfers are performed on high access bins to keep them as high as possible to ensure fast access time.

AutoStore’s scalability is at the heart of its design. If the storage requirements change in terms of volume and performance, the system can be easily expanded:

  • Additional robots to increase throughput
  • Expansion of the storage area to increase capacity
  • Expansion of ports (workstations) for throughput and / or process adjustments

AutoStore is thus a warehouse solution that increases productivity, reduces costs and is also right on time in terms of sustainability aspects, such as energy consumption.

Integrate AutoStore & SAP EWM with neoimpulse – completely without middleware

We integrate AutoStore directly with your warehouse and material flow processes, controlled via SAP EWM – vendor and middleware independent. With our solution, AutoStore can be connected to SAP EWM quickly and easily. The solution integrates seamlessly into the existing SAP EWM processes and remains scalable:

  • With our expertise and pre-fabricated solutions, the technical interface can be implemented quickly and easily.
  • Multiple AutoStore systems can be connected via our central interface. No middleware is required.
  • Our solution is configurable and, just like AutoStore, can be expanded to include additional grids, capacities, robots and ports.

Want to learn more or see a live demo?

We invite you for a completely non-binding exchange around “AutoStore Integration with SAP EWM” with our expert Melanie Stamm. We would be happy to give you a live demonstration of our AutoStore solution.