RFID Stacker Challenge

From the initial idea to a fully functional, RFID-integrated stacker that is seamlessly integrated with SAP.

Review of our successful 2-day Forklift Challenge, summarized in this short clip – from the initial idea to a fully functional RFID-integrated forklift seamlessly integrated with SAP.


Our communication was mapped centrally via SAP BTP. The RFID hardware was connected via SAP EVENT MESH and communication with SAP EWM was represented via WebServices.


A handling unit (HU) is formed at the EWM packing table and written to the tag via SAP BTP and the connected RFID writer. Once packing is complete, an EWM warehouse task is automatically created with the shipping zone as the destination and passed on to the forklift as a transport order in a mobile Fiori transaction. The forklift picks up the HU, which is verified via the RFID reader integrated in the fork and automatically booked to the resource in EWM. Upon arrival at the destination, the HU is registered via the RFID reader in the floor and the storage task is automatically acknowledged in SAP EWM.

Philipp Sawatzki

We cordially invite you for a completely non-binding exchange on the topic with our logistics expert Philipp Sawatzki: